Carte & menus

Le Café de Paris de Calais offers you its dishes à la carte or in menu: Parisian formula for each day of the week, but also salads, flammekueches, grills, mussels, menu for children, everyone will find the dish he likes!


Country Terrine and Toasts
Smoked Salmon Plate
"Old reserve" raw ham plate
Vegetable Soup
Homemade Duck Foie Gras with red onion compote
Radinghem Snails Puff Pastry x6 with Garlic Cream on a Bed of Peppers


Pot'je Vleech
Beef Tartars
Simple welsh
Veal Carbonnade
Tagliatelle with chorizo
North Welsh


Honey Goat and Maroilles Salad
Chef's Sala
(Ham, chicken breast, hard boiled egg, parmesan, tomato)

The grills

Heart of Rumpsteck Pavé
Marinated pork ribs
Côte à l'Os 500 grams
Bavette d'Aloyau on a grill
Escalope de Volaille à la Normande
Bone Ham on the Grill

The flamekueches

La Gratiné
Onions, bacon and Emmental cheese
Café de Paris Special
Onions, bacon, ham, mushrooms and Emmental cheese
Merguez and chorizo
Onions, bacon, merguez, chorizo and emmental cheese
Emmental cheese, maroilles and goats
The Vegetarian
Onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and emmental cheese

The hamburgers

Le Café De Paris
Chopped steak 180g (VBF, Façon Bouchère), American chef's style sauce, Red onion, Tomato, Salad, Cheddar cheese
Maroilles Hamburger
Based on "Café de Paris" with maroilles instead of cheddar cheese

The Mussels

Marine Mussels
In white wine
Mussels with cream
Chef's Mussels
Garlic mustard cream
Mussels with Maroilles

The fishes

Beautiful Sole Meunière (400/600g)
Steamed or milling cod
Salmon steak with Choron sauce
Duo of fresh and smoked salmon tartare
Belle Sole Meunière (400/600g)
32.00 €
Cabillaud Vapeur ou Façon Meunière
15.90 €
Pavé de Saumon, sauce Choron
14.10 €
Duo de Tartare de Saumon Frais et Fumé
15.10 €

All our formulas and menus

Formula Gavroche

Monday to Friday only


Parisian Formula

Monday to Friday only


Menu Champs Elysées

21 à 26€

Royal Menu

21 à 29€

Children's menu